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If you keep silent- keep silent out of love.
If you speak-speak out of love.
If you warn someone about something-warn them out of love.
If you forgive-forgive out of love.
…Let the internal rook of everything be love, from this root only good can grow.
St. Augustine

Saints Peter and Paul Day
St. Peter was a man from a Jewish province, simple, married fisherman, among the first called apostles, who after that betrayed the Lord, but later became fearless preacher, primarily to Jews, and eventually died for the Lord, crucified on a cross upside down.
St. Paul was a man from a cosmopolitan city, educated monk, the last called apostle, who before that persecuted Christians, but after his conversion became the greatest missionary, primarily to Gentiles, and eventually was beheaded for the faith, because Roman citizens could not be crucified.
Though so opposite in their biographies, we see them on icons as the two pillars of the Church, champions of repentance and faith, embracing each other and overcoming, reconciling and uniting in Christ (His truth, love and holiness) all opposites, differences and obstacles of this world.
By the prayers of the Great and Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, O Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us!

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